Committee Involvement

Duties of the Standing Committee

Constitution, Bylaws, and Rules

This Committee shall recommend changes to the Bylaws to the Executive Committee, as well as draft any changes in the Bylaws which are duly approved by the Executive Committee. This Committee shall also consider rules and procedures of operation for the Executive Committee and make recommendations to the Executive Committee


This committee shall be responsible for all communications from the DCDP to the public. This shall include but not be limited to social media, print media and all other formats deemed appropriate by the committee and DCDP.


This Committee shall carry out the functions assigned to it in the Bylaws to assist the Treasurer in any matters relating to finance or fundraising in which the Treasurer may need or desire assistance and to plan for and involve the total membership in appropriate fundraising activities.

Precinct Organization

This Committee shall coordinate and shall supervise all activities of the Executive Committee with respect to grassroots organization, recruitment and training of volunteers, “get-out-the vote” (GOTV) activities, voter registration and all other political organizational efforts on the precinct, district and regional levels.

Program & Events

This Committee shall plan educational and social programs at regular and special meetings of the Executive Committee, as well as the planning of programs for any other Democratic Party activities the Executive Committee may sponsor or co-sponsor.


This Committee shall be composed of the four (04) at-large officers and the five (05) regional vice-chairs. This Committee shall be chaired by the Chair of the Executive Committee and shall meet regularly for the purpose of planning agendas and discussing the implementation of Executive Committee decisions and projects.


This Committee shall develop policies and procedures and make recommendations for utilizing technology in the furtherance of the goals Executive Committee. This can include, but not be limited to website development, voter databases, other support technologies and training for Executive Committee members, as well as our volunteers in the use of these technologies.


This Committee shall create and execute training activities and events, both for the public and for internal DCDP Executive Committee purposes. This can include recruiting trainers from around the state or country for specific topics, or creating our own training and materials, as well as facilitating logistics to host the training.